There is a debate going around whether to include ECG screenings should be included in young competitive athletes’ physicals.

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-The primary conflict or issue is that the students and faculty protest when Rice receives her honorary degree.

-1. Almond quit his job because of Rice getting her degree.

-2. Hannity kept asking Almond if he voted for John Kerry or not. Logical fallacies came into play; complex question, ad nausem, sweeping generalization, and red herring.

-3. Why did you quit your job? Could you have protested another way?

-4. Almond responded with an answer that did not pertain to the question Hannity was asking. He told them that the question they were asking had nothing to do with the conflict. He asked why voting for Kerry was important to the subject at hand. Tries to stay to the topic with Rice.


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Sudden Cardiac Arrest

  • Population of people it affects
  • causes/what happens during cardiac arrest? what is affects?
  • percent of fatalities
  • ways to prevent
  • different types of cardiac arrest?
  • is family history a factor?
  • the anatomy? location?
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“Alpha Girl” by Laura Sessions Stepp

In “Alpha Girl”, Laura Sessions Stepp uses chimpanzees and other monkey decedents as a metaphor for girls. The girls are separated into alpha, beta, and gamma personality types. She discusses how chimpanzees show the same grouping as young girls do. This comparison makes sense.

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2008 Presidential Primaries

What interests you?

  • Almost anything in the medical field
  • Sports
  • The brain in general/psychology
  • traveling
  • bones (tv show)
  • sailing
  • other languages
  • ocean
  • music
  • hiking
  • fishing

What are you very knowledgeable about?

  • ice skating/hockey
  • fishing/outdoors
  • science

What subjects do you want to learn about?

  • sailing
  • other languages
  • the brain
  • medical related things
  • music
  • unfamiliar sports

Sudden cardiac arrest is an interesting subject to me. I know the basis of it and what happens. I would like to find out what happens to specific body parts as this goes on. Basically find out what is affected and how is it affected. I want to get more in depth information about this subject in general.


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“The Fourth State of Matter” by Jo Ann Beard

1. The biggest event in this essay was the shooting. Basically this essay is written based off of this event. The fourth state of matter is blood. Since there was bloodshed in this essay, it kind of gives the story it’s name.

2. She was talking about her collie a lot at the beginning. She was in a worried or almost denial state. I say this because she is basically the only reason for her dog still being alive. She acts as if her dog is her only companion. At the end of the story she becomes in a state of guilt almost and feeling lucky to be alive. She feels lucky because she had just happened to leave as the shooting was about to begin.

3. The dog is important in the essay because the she’s like family to Beard. The dog ties in with the plot, which is death.

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Worst day on the job

My worst day on the job was during this past summer. I was helping my friend’s dad shingle their old cookhouse on a hot summer day. The cookhouse was so old that it even needed new supporters to hold up the building. The cookhouse roof was only about ten feet off the ground but it was steep. So this cookhouse seemed, for me, much, much higher. The reason is because I’m not too fond of heights. So as the day went on i eventually got use to the height factor and went on more careless. While getting down from the cookhouse to take a break my foot slipped and I had slid almost completely off the cookhouse; I almost pissed myself when this happened. Although I didn’t fall I had plenty of cuts from the old shingles. I didn’t care about the cuts, I was happy with the fact that I didn’t fall off the roof. After that occasion, it took me a little while to get the nerve to go back up on the roof.

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Craft Analysis of “Black Hair” by Gary Soto

In “Black Hair,” Gary Soto discusses the main character’s obstacle of being a Mexican and poor. Gary informs the reader about the character’s background; whom is a seventeen year-old runaway. He tells the story through this character’s point of view.

This character finds how difficult it is to find a job when he looks and smells like he hasn’t showered in days, along with being from a Mexican ethnicity. One thing Gary did not discuss in his passage, was the date. The time period could affect job opportunities in not only Mexican ethnicity but other minority groups.


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Most Embarrassing Moment

Ever had that moment where you trip over something or even over nothing? I’ve had many moments like this, except this was one my more embarrassing falls. One day while using the stairs to get to Spanish class from the library, which was on the second floor, I noticed a crowd of women walking behind me. I decided it would be a good idea to look behind me while going down the stairs. Bad idea. I was carrying two books and a couple folders and while looking back, I had tripped while in the middle of the staircase. I, and the things I was carrying, went rolling down the stairs. Papers were everywhere. Like any other person, I laughed at myself for my stupidity. The only problem was that one of the girls in the group, happened to be my girlfriend. She never let that moment go and often used it against me.

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“Graduation” by Maya Angelou

In “Graduation,” Maya Angelou’s narrative is from the 1930’s and 1940’s era. The era was when segregation was going on. Angelou is the girl in the story. She may have been told by “white” people that she would not exceed to a college degree. If she was told this, Angelou may have become even more determined than she was already. She writes as if she is a bit racist against the white race. This may be from her own experience when she was younger. Angelou writes about where she went to school. She also wrote what school she attended to; which was a “colored” school, while central high was the “white” school. Knowing this information, the reader was informed about the segregation going on during this era. Angelou wrote in a prideful and serious tone. She brought in pathos through Mr. Edward Donleavy, who implied that African-Americans weren’t going to excel in anything other than farm work or through handyman work. This speech, that Mr. Donleavy said, pushed Angelou to become the best she could be. Though there were probably many obstacles to overcome, she accomplished something huge in her life. There was another part of this story that contained pathos. When the graduation ceremony was going on, she had an understanding of the Negro National Anthem. She wrote about others crying after the anthem was sang. This passage told me what kind of drive Maya Angelou has. Anyone who overcomes this segregation has to have a high amount of determinism.

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